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LeoflonⓇ Tube

Electric Heating Tube, Brake Hose, High Pressure Tubing, Chemical Resistant Tubing

LeoflonⓇ PFA FEP ETFE Tubing, Insulation Sleeving


  • High Dieletrical Strength: 50KV/mm

  • High Work Temperature: 260C

  • Resistant to acid(hydrofluoric acid)


  • Semi-conductor waver cleaning tank

  • Heat exchanger

  • Automotive fuel tube

  • Motorcycle brake hose

  • Mechanical pressure tube

  • Electric heat tube


  • AWG#30~#3

  • ID: 0.3mm~23mm

  • OD: 0.5mm~25mm

  • Packaging: 100M~305M/R

UL File No.: E156256

LeoflonⓇ PTFE Sleeving & Tubing


  • Material: PTFE

  • Wall thickness: 0.15~0.3mm

  • Temperature & Voltage Rating: 280C, 300V

  • Dieletric Stregnth: 24KV/mm (3.6+KV for 0.15mm wall thickness)

  • Applications: High Frequency Transformers for Power Supply, Notebook Adaptor, Electrical Appliance 

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